About Us

Jesus-Worshiper is a band that's all about sharing the love of God through the music they play. Known to rock at concerts, festivals, church services, outreaches and basically anywhere they are given an opportunity, Jesus-Worshiper has one objective in mind and that is to (in their words)... "take as many with us as we possibly can!" Their unashamed approach of delivering the gospel message is not to be taken lightly. High energy performances, along with musical versatility give Jesus-Worshiper an edge that many bands lack. With over 7 years of playing together and a repertoire of over 50 original songs, combined with personality and heart, make any Jesus-Worshiper performance a great experience!


Jesus-Worshiper isn't merely a worship band, or just a concert band. Jesus-Worshiper is a musical anomaly equipped to "Be all things to all people!"



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